About Us

About Us

5 Alarm Leather was born out of passion for tradition, quality, and pride in the American fire service. 5 Alarm Leather was established in 2003 by a Professional Firefighter from a major city fire department.  Our company has designed, developed, and tested each of its products to meet the demands of the professional "Jake". 

We use top quality USA tanned leather and the finest quality hardware available. Each product is manufactured and quality checked to exacting standards. We pride ourselves in American manufacturing and we stand behind each and every product we sell.  In keeping with the traditions of the American fire service, our products can be personalized to your specifications. Please visit the EMBOSSING area of our web site.  

5 Alarm Leather is committed to delivering quality product and service.  You can always count on us to make your job safer, easier, and more comfortable!

Meet Our Family

In 2009 the Harnage Family purchased 5 Alarm Leather. Greg Harnage Sr has been in the fire service for over 30 years and retired from State Service as a fire captain in November 2008.  He continues his passion for the fire service in the traditional fire service leather works. He strives for quality and perfection with every piece he manufactures so that it will serve the firefighters well into, if not throughout their career. 

 Sophie Harnage is a Registered Nurse (clinical educator) for Sutter Roseville Medical Center.  Sophie met the love of her life Greg Sr 30 years ago in the ER where she was a nurse and he was a firefighter.  

The oldest son Adam, follows his fathers footsteps in the fire service, currently as a Firefighter/Operator with Woodbridge Fire Protection District and serves as an instructor for the California's OSFM-State Fire Training. 

Corinne Harnage graduated from CSUS, 2012, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Communication Studies. 

Gregory Harnage Jr is pursuing his passion for education at CSUS, with the vision of becoming a History Professor.