Radio Straps

5 Alarm Leather's radio straps are the safer, and more convenient method for carrying your portable radio. These can be worn over your station uniform or outside of your turnout coat. Radio straps are available in black or heavy duty brown leather with silver, black or brass hardware. Radio straps include 1 sway keeper, if additional sway keepers are needed they can be purchased on our ACCESSORIES page, along with cord keepers.  Please see EMBOSSING page for different embossing options.

5 Alarm Leather offers 4 different sizes for our radio straps:

Small: 48-52 inches

Regular: 54-59 inches

Tall: 64-68 inches

X-Tall: 73-77 inches

If you encounter any problems with your radio strap sizing please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.


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Fairfax County Communications Divison Study: "Wearing the portable radio on a leather strap, under the coat, but with the radio extended below the bottom of the coat with the antenna canted away from the body protects the RSM from thermal insult and subsequent melting, eliminates 50% of radio signal loss over the radio pocket, and prevents the radio from ejecting of the person."

Please click below to read the Fairfax study.